Lawm Mowers

A healthy lawn is a treat for the senses. As a green oasis, it transforms a patch of earth into a pleasant living environment that encourages activity, relaxation, and wellness. That's why it makes sense to insist on our effective lawn mowers when taking care of your lawn. Because whether petrol or electric lawn mowers, we have the right machine for every requirement. STIHL remains on the cutting edge of lawn care innovation with a versatile range of lawn mowers. Lightweight and ready to run at a moment's notice, our walk-behind mowers offer users an array of features and benefits to fit their lives and lawn care needs.

Petrol Operated


RM 248
Displacement 139 cm³
Hourse Power 2.8 hp
Cutting width 18 in
Collector Volume 55L
RM 253 T
Displacement 150 cm³
Hourse Power 3.0 hp
Cutting width 20 in
Collector Volume 55L
Displacement 166 cm³
Hourse Power 3.5 hp
Cutting width 18 in
Collector Volume 55L

Electric Operated


RME 235
Motor Capacity 1200 W
Cutting width 13 in
Collector Volume 30 L
RME 443
Motor Capacity 1500 W
Cutting width 16 in
Collector Volume 55 L